maandag 18 juni 2018

My Dad Abraham

It has been silent on my blog a couple of years.

Why was I absent?
I took care (with my brother) of my dad who had Alzheimer's. He lived with me for over a year and spent his last months in a nursing home where me and my brother visited him every day until his death.

It was a very difficult time but also a time with much love and laughter. My dad recognized us till the end, although he couldn't speak or walk any more.

I have never seen so much love in anyones eyes then on the moment my dad "said" goodbye to us, his kids and grandkids. He looked at each one of us with total acceptance and love. 
It was a magical experience for all of us and a priceless last gift.

From that moment on he refused to eat or drink. His decision and we respected it.

What am I up to lately?
The most beautiful thing happened to me after my dad's passing!!!!
I had sketched and drawn my dad many times in the last years and got a request of Catherine V. Holmes if it was OK to use a particular drawing of my dad for her new book "shading Techniques".
I thought at first someone was pulling my leg, but when I received a contract from the publisher, I was flabbergasted. I was allowed to write my own text and use my name too!

Sold on Amazon 
Published in the book. 

When the book was published in September 2017, I got really emotional because my dad postumous travelled across the globe (with a little help of Amazon and the teaching qualities of the book).  His dream fulfilled at last!

zondag 17 juni 2018

Crocheting Cornflowers

Hello readers and fellow crocheters!

What amazed me the most on the Internet and Pinterest is, that there are a lot of generous people that are sharing their knowledge. It did restore my faith in mankind somewhat.
One of these people is the very generous and talented Sam from the blog Creazone di Sam 

She makes and invents the most gorgeous realistic crocheted flowers!! And lately, as an extra bonus, she translates her patterns in English and Spanish!!
All her patterns are free.... amazing generous woman!!!

I was particularly charmed by her cornflowers!!!
Her pattern was easy to follow. Only I crocheted the flower in white cotton 40
 (so it's smaller) and hand dyed it.

Before painting
I use fabric paint
I use fabric paint and mix it till I have the color I want.
After that I cover a metal wire with cotton yarn and dye it green. (Flower stem)
Then I assemble the flower wit a little glue, where needed.
Here you can see the construction on the back.  
And finally, after molding each petal with a tweezer, I used spray starch to keep the cornflower in shape.
I allready have 5 cornflowers and 4 leaves. I will show you the result when it's finished!!
And I want to thank Sam for the pleasure she gave me by sharing her patterns so I could  crochet these cornflowers!!! Mille grazie! !! 
Total height including stem: 8 cm

zaterdag 16 juni 2018

chihuahua's ....

My BFF is on vacation in Spain and I am babysitting her 3 chihuahua's. I have a mix chihuahua x Yorkshire terrier( although I think his mother got jumped by a shaggy Dachshund).
Dogs make life a lot nicer, but an invasion of 3 dogs throws your life upside down and your biorhythm off key.
The first morning in bed was a little scary, because when I opened my eyes 3 pair of bulging eyes were staring at me. They sat around my head wagging their tail. (My dog couldn't care less and had no intention of leaving his warm fake fur blanket).
They give different signals, so I have to interpret them and sometimes fail (as my carpet proves). And no matter how many times I say to myself "you are the packleader" à la Cesar Milan when I am walking all dogs, it still feels like a circusact!!
Also I have found out that being stared at by 4 dogs while on the loo, is very weird! And believe me: 4 dogs trying to hypnotize you isnt exactly stimulate peeing!
Anyway all the dogs are getting along very well, they are playfull and funny, so that makes up for any inconvenience!!
Tomorrow my BFF comes back. I will miss them!

woensdag 13 juni 2018

Welcome new readers!!!

Welcome new readers!!!

Lot of things happened in my life and I wanted a fresh start. So I have made this blog and closed my older one.

I hope my followers and (hopefully) new ones will like my blog and keep following me!

To me the sharing and comments on my work are very motivating!! So don't hold back!!!!
I have learned a lot from other bloggers,  about how to draw and paint, crochet and sewing tips. It still amazes me that people around the world are this generous in sharing their knowledge.... so pass it on!!!!